Our Doughs


Semi-whole grain flours selected from the best Italian mills. An innovative dough, without improvers or accelerators of leavening, which maintains the charm and certainty that a bread can still be natural as in the past, with all the benefits that follow.


While keeping the fundamental characteristics of the dough, a hint of turmeric stands out making its taste more particular and unique. The mixture of turmeric and the seeds inside have an important beneficial effect on the nervous and immune system, as well as favoring a correct digestion.


Rye flour gives the dough greater lightness and crunchiness. The dough maintains its distinctive characteristics, with the addition of a higher content of mineral salts and vitamin B.


The tomato added to the classic dough gives a more particular and strong taste. The antioxidant action of vitamins, mineral salts and lycopene brings benefits not only for blood pressure but also for bones and digestion.