Our Story

PanB represents the ultimate frontier in our tradition.
We use simple and selected raw materials, handled through a handcrafted process completely handmade by experts that put care and dedication throughout the entire process.
PanB kneads on your watch, grows on your watch, bakes on your watch under a glass bell due to the magic of steam. Beyond 48 hours of slow and natural rising for a healthy, fluffy and digestible product.
Genuine ingredients and excellent flavours are the secrets of a unique product.



When you care about something or someone and you want to protect them, it is common to say: “Put it under a glass bell”. This is exactly what Adriano Continisio did with his PanBolla.

It all starts from the principle that a dough reacts and grows differently if it bakes in a dry ambient or if it undergoes a controlled moisture that comes directly from the dough.



Beyond 48 hours of rising are needed, based on Adriano’s study, to create a product naturally digestible, unique and incomparable in lightness, without active yeast or added chemical products.

The perfect alternative to observe the nutritional requirements, but PanB offers more than just the ideal condition for the dough to grow in alternative to a more traditional oven, it also produces rare qualitative excellence.



And thus was born a product of disarming simplicity, which bakes in a few minutes under our eyes inside a glass bell, showing at the same time all the charm of simplicity.

To emphasize and respect the work achieved, Adriano met Paola Sersante, an expert animated by a passion for combining intriguing flavors, there’s no coincidence her blog is called “Anice e Cannella” (Anise and Cinnamon). Paoletta manages to interpret and enhance PanB through genuine ingredients and excellent flavours.

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